Shark Month at AQWA

July is Shark Month at AQWA

Discover something new and get up close with the ocean’s most fin-tastic, tooth-toting, six-sensing predators!

There’s plenty to keep the whole family enthralled, with bonus Guide Talks and Shark Stops* to explore on your visit, as well as a digital Shark Search& Win Activity*. The kids will love to design their own ultimate shark at the interactive Shark-Opedia, observe shark eggs and teeth up-close and of course, gently pat a shark in the Touch Pool! For keen teens and curious kids, our School Holiday Marine Programs are ready to book and have bonus shark content for July only (snap up your spot now – they won’t last)! And for adventurous adults, our Dive or Snorkel With Sharks are ON SALE, with 25% off these Experiences in celebration of Shark Month.

*All Guide Talks and Shark Stop activities are free with standard AQWA Entry and no booking required. ^Personal mobile device required.

Shark Month Timetable

Search & WIN

Discover amazing and mighty facts as you venture through the aquarium and complete a digital Shark Search Activity. Just by finding all FIVE species of sharks at AQWA, you’ll get the chance to enter our Shark Month competition and WIN 1 or 4 prizes; choose either a Junior Marine Scientist or Family Day Pass voucher!

Shark Stops

Grab your shark month Guide Map upon arrival to ensure you don’t miss any of the Shark Stops on your journey! Like the Investigation Station from 11am-12pm; with teeth, eggs and denticles to explore! The brand new Shark-Opedia touch station will have kids designing their own ultimate shark, exploring shark anatomy and discovering just which fish eats shark poop… ew! PLUS if you can’t tear them away, you can scan and save a copy on your device to continue the fun at home. Check the map to make sure you visit all 7 stops!

Toothy Talk & Feed | 10am & 12.30pm

Baby shark do doo do do doo do… head to our Touch Pool to meet our baby Port Jackson sharks and listen to our Ocean Guide tell you all about sharks, their teeth and why there’s more to them than meets the eye! 10am & 12.30pm daily @ Touch Pool.

Local Elasmobranchs Talk | 12pm

Learn more about our local sharks and their close relatives, stingrays & skates. So just what makes them similar, and yet different to other fish? There’s NO-BONES about it… our Ocean Guide will have your answer! P.S. it’s here at Marina Bay that you might just find the last shark on your Shark Search & Win activity! 12pm daily @ Marina Bay.

Reef Shark Talk & Lego Activity | 2.30pm

Did you know not all sharks like to live out in the big, open ocean? Discover the secrets of reef sharks and their important role from our Ocean Guide, as you help BUILD a home out of Lego for these special and sometimes overlooked sharks! 2.30pm daily @ Coral Conservatory.

Storytime Beneath the Sea | 9.30am Thursdays

There’s a commotion in the ocean and its made by all the colourful characters of the sea! Toddlers and pre-schoolers are invited to join us for Storytime Beneath the Sea! Little ones can choose some sensory items from our Guide’s treasure box to join in and add some commotion to the story, or simply sit back and get to know the sea creature characters – including a grinning shark! 9.30am Thursdays @ Coral Reef Gallery

Marine Scientist For A Day

AQWA’s Junior Marine Scientist mixes real animal care, with hands-on science and behind the scenes access for curious kids aged 6 – 12. There’s an extra toothy-focus for Shark Month and they’ll even get the chance to glide across our shark aquarium on a glass bottom boat for a totally new perspective on the sharks!

Eco Teen: Shark Swim

Nurture your teen’s passion for the marine world and allow them to dive right in, with this adventurous full-day program that includes swimming with sharks! Teens 12-16 years can be immersed in all things SHARK both in and out of the water as they discover with our Biologists the impressive features and vital roles of these apex predators… then snorkel with them in Australia’s largest single aquarium!

In celebration of Shark Month at AQWA, you can snap up a serious thrill for a serious saving!

Snorkel With Sharks

Enjoy 25% off our Snorkel With Sharks Experience when you complete your purchase during Shark Month* and make your booking for any date within the next 12 months. That’s a saving of over $48! Applicable to new bookings only, made between 1 – 31 July 2024. Subject to availability. Further terms, conditions & exclusions apply.

Dive With Sharks

Enjoy 25% off our Dive With Sharks Experience when you complete your purchase during Shark Month and make your booking for any date within the next 12 months. That’s a saving of over $48! Applicable to new bookings only, made between 1 – 31 July 2024. Subject to availability. Further terms, conditions & exclusions apply.


That’s true! But some species, like our whaler sharks, have a tough third eyelid that swipes over the eyeball to protect it when needed. Other species, like the great white, use ocular rotation, where the entire eyeball rolls and retracts backwards into its socket for protection from trashing prey.

Book before they’re snapped up…

Shark Month Programs

These fantastic Shark Month Marine Programs and Experiences have to be booked in advance. There’s Eco Teen Shark Swim for keen teens aged 12-16 who are ready to dive in; Junior Marine Scientist with a toothy twist for curios kids aged 6-12; and Dive or Snorkel With Sharks ON SALE for ages 14+. Secure your spot today, places limited!

Junior Marine Scientist

Junior Marine Scientist

Eco Teen: Shark Swim

Eco Teen: Shark Swim

Snorkel With Sharks

Snorkel With Sharks

Dive With Sharks

Dive With Sharks

TOOTH OR FALSE? Sharks eat their own teeth…

That’s TRUE. Sharks lose up to 30,000 teeth in their lifetime, growing a new tooth in just 2 days! Some sharks, like the cookie cutter, swallow their own teeth to reabsorb the calcium and make even more teeth.

Meet our miracle shark!

Learn about the unique story of our prematurely hatched Port Jackson Shark – THEN come meet him at AQWA!

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