AQWA Foundation

Awareness, understanding and appreciation of Western Australia’s oceans

The AQWA Foundation is a registered non-profit environmental organisation established by AQWA in 2002 to increase awareness, understanding and appreciation of Western Australia’s oceans. It is dedicated to supporting projects that promote better understanding of the marine environment, drive change and foster positive relationships between people and the sea. The AQWA Foundation is funded by AQWA, community donations and sponsorships.

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AQWA Foundation is an ACNC registered ⧉ charitable organisation. Trading address: 91 Southside Dr, Hillarys WA 6025 AUSTRALIA. Contact the AQWA Foundation at Donations are non-refundable.


To conserve Western Australian marine life through funding of targeted conservation activities, advancing community education and supporting research initiatives. We aim to increase awareness, inspire appreciation, and be a voice for Western Australia’s unique marine environments.


We fund research projects that promote better understanding of marine life and environments and/or provide solutions to marine issues.


We aim to foster positive relationships between people and the ocean biome through educational activities that engage, inspire and generate respect.

Conservation Action

We support and initiate programs that take action to benefit Western Australian marine environments and the community, including Rescue, Rehabilitation & Release (RRR) and Plastics Reduction initiatives.


A healthy ocean that is diverse and thriving for future generations.

Turtle Rescue Hub

Do you know what to do if you find a stranded turtle? Lets work together to build a community of knowledgeable turtle first-responders.!

What We’re Doing

Our initiatives

The Coral Bank Of Western Australia

By building a cache of genetic material, we’re creating an insurance policy for WA’s corals.

Bring 3 for the Sea

By 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. AQWA has teamed up with Containers for Change to help prevent this.

Rescue, Rehabilitate and Release

The AQWA Foundation provides essential care for sick and injured marine life, with an emphasis on the rehabilitation of sea turtles for release back to the wild.