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Teach with confidence – from the iconic to the unusual, our extensive collection of information sheets will introduce you to the unique features and habitats of Western Australia’s amazing marine life.


Cnidarias – Corals, Jellyfish & Anemones


Echinoderms – the spiky skin gang

Marine Mammals


Marine Reptiles

Sea Turtles

Marine Reptiles


Marine Reptiles

Sea Snakes

Themed excursion packages

The ultimate excursion experience! We can accommodate whole schools or multi-stream year groups for either a full day of curriculum themed activities, or try an exciting bonus activity (+1-2 hours) to spark their curiosity! Themed excursions include extra time to explore and face-time with our passionate Education Guides.

Wildlife Rescue

ALL YEAR GROUPS - 1 Hour Activity

Inspire your students to become ocean guardians with our turtle-boosted Wildlife Rescue activity, crafted for all ages and lead by our knowledgeable Education team.

SEAcret Agent

Pre Primary, year 1, year 2, year 3, year 4, year 5, year 6 - Full Day Program

There is more to life in the ocean than meets the eye! Students embark on a SEAcret Agent quest to uncover the mysteries hidden below. This includes a standard AQWA excursion PLUS a full day (9.30am-2.15pm) of marine themed & year-level tailored science activities.

Shark Biologist

Years 7-10 - 1 Hour Activity

Let your students sink their teeth into some juicy elasmobranch science before climbing aboard our glass bottom boat for an up-close observation of our sharks! Suitable for students in years 7-10.

Student Try Diving

Years 7-10, Years 11-12 - Introduction to SCUBA diving

Enjoy this interactive diving adventure lead by one of AQWA’s PADI qualified Instructors in our purpose-built outdoor interaction aquarium! No diving experience needed! This Adventure runs all year round for students aged 12+ and is a great way to enhance marine/ocean studies or incorporate as part of an outdoor-ed program. Student will be introduced to SCUBA equipment, breathing techniques, diving safety and much more.