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Is AQWA owned or operated by the government?

No. AQWA is owned and operated by Coral World International. It is a privately owned aquarium and does not receive any subsidy or government funding

Why doesn’t AQWA have any Dolphins or Seals?

Since the relocation of the seals from AQWA to Adelaide Zoo in 2009, AQWA has made the decision not to keep marine mammals within the aquarium. Instead, we prefer out visitors to have the opportunity to see marine mammals in the wild, and we have entered into joint ventures with Mills Charters and Rottnest Fast Ferries to conduct whale watching tours. The laws also state that it is illegal in Australia to capture marine mammals and keep them in an aquarium.

What should I do if I find an injured marine animal?

AQWA has a marine rehabilitation facility which can be used to rehabilitate certain sea creatures, however, you should first call Wildcare at the Department of Parks and Wildlife on (08) 9474 9055 and they will advise the best course of action. Please do not remove marine life from their natural environment without direct instruction from the Department of Parks and Wildlife.

Are all sharks dangerous?

No. Most species of sharks are quite placid. While Bull sharks and Great White sharks share a reputation for being dangerous, the sharks in our main aquarium are well fed and are safe to encounter when diving or snorkelling.

Where do the marine animals at AQWA come from?

As a professionally operating aquarium, AQWA is required to hold licenses and exemptions from the Department of Parks and Wildlife as well as the Department of Fisheries so that we can source them from the ocean or commercial breeders. AQWA also conducts its own breeding programs for selected species.

Where does all the water come from?

AQWA has developed a sophisticated filtration and pumping system that extracts seawater from the ocean. We then filter it and circulate it throughout the facility before filtering it again before we return it to the ocean.