Planning and Arrival

  • AQWA’s main entry and exit is accessible by a ramp to the right of the main stairwell
  • Best Times to Visit: AQWA is busiest in the morning. If you prefer a quieter, calmer environment and more space to get around, we suggest visiting in the afternoon from 2pm. Please note: WA school and public holidays are peak periods for families and AQWA becomes very busy at these times.
  • Parking and Drop-off: two ACROD disabled car-parks are located near AQWA’s entry. A drop-off bay is also available for mobility impaired persons.
  • Carers, Concession and Group Rates: If you hold a pensioner or healthcare card, you receive AQWA’s discounted concession rate.
    If you are a carer, simply show your companion card to gain free entry with your paying client.
  • Wheelchair Hire: AQWA offers free wheelchair hire for use within our venue. Simply ask at reception upon arrival.

Making the Most of Your Visit

Ramp and Lift Access Areas

  • AQWA’s Shipwreck Coast underwater tunnel (area 2 on map) is accessible by lift. This lift has an additional compartment that can be opened for larger wheelchairs. Please ask reception staff for assistance if this is required.
  • AQWA’s Coral Reef underwater gallery is accessible by ramp (area 6 on map).
  • AQWA’s Adventure Bay area is accessible by an access lift and will require staff assistance (area 6 on map). Simply use the intercom and our staff will assist you as soon as possible.
  • As mentioned, AQWA’s main entry and exit is accessible by ramp.

No Wheelchair Access Area

  • AQWA has one area which unfortunately is not accessible by wheelchair: the great southern stairwell (area 1). It contains 4 small aquariums, including the pineapplefish and seadragons.

Disabled and Unisex Toilets

  • Toilet block 1 is located near reception and contains 1 male and 1 female disabled cubicle within the main toilets.
  • Toilet block 2 is located outside near the Discovery Pool and these toilets are larger uni-sex disabled cubicles. For larger wheelchairs these are the best option.

Shipwreck Coast Tunnel

The Shipwreck Coast tunnel was built in 1987 and unfortunately was not designed with larger, modern wheelchairs in mind. If you are using a wheelchair, please note the following before entering the tunnel:

  • The max. width of the moving walkway is 72cm and the stationary platform is 68cm
  • If your wheelchair is on the moving walkway, prepare to disembark early. A sign will alert you to the approaching exit. If possible, we recommend having someone assist in disembarking.
  • Request assistance if you encounter difficulty getting on or off the moving walkway. The conveyor belt can be stopped by staff, or in an emergency, push the red stop buttons located along the walkway
  • For carers assisting disabled or mobility impaired groups, we recommend taking no more than 2 clients into the Shipwreck Coast at one time. More than 2 wheelchairs, walkers or ride-ons at a time unfortunately causes congestion and stress for both carers and clients.
  • In the case of a fire, the lift should not be used. Halfway around the Shipwreck Coast tunnel an emergency exit and holding area is located. This is a fire-safe door and wheelchair users can take refuge in this area. Emergency services have direct access to this area from
    an outside fire door and will attend to it immediately.