Form and Function

YEAR GROUPS: year 4, year 5, year 6
CURRICULUM TOPICS: Biological Sciences, Critical and Creative Thinking, Literacy, Physical Sciences, STEM

Lesson Schedule -  Form and Function

In an integrated approach, a week full of activities is outlined to link an AQWA visit to this curriculum topic. Helping you with ideas, planning and ensuring you get the most out of your excursion.

Classroom Activity -  Ocean Architects – Will your reef survive a storm?

Build a reef from LEGO to discover if coral has the power to protect us as you investigate the importance of shape.

Lesson Plan -  Create a Curious Creature

Be inspired by some of your favourite AQWA sea creatures as you investigate the concept of form and function to create your ultimate creature with its own set of features and abilities.

Teacher Resource -  Create a Curious Creature

The ultimate guide to form and function. Full of examples and fun facts to share with your class, this is the supporting information for our 'Create a Curious Creature' lesson plan.

Teacher Resource -  Shark Designer

This booklet provides the background information needed to conduct AQWA’s Shark Designer activity in your classroom. In this activity, you will explore the most amazing and extreme designs of sharks that have ever lived so that your students can then ‘create a creature’ and design a shark of their own.

Lesson Plan -  Shark Designer

Drawing design ideas from modern and ancient sharks, students develop their understanding of form and function as they design a shark of their own.

Template -  Shark Designer

Accompanying student handout.

Lesson Plan -  Become an Imagineer

Students are challenged to imagine a product that could solve one of their everyday problems. For inspiration, information is provided on some of the awesome features of animals at AQWA and how this has led to new inventions.

Teacher Resource -  Become an Imagineer Table
Teacher Resource -  Shark Senses

All the information you need on shark senses – and how they compare to ours – is included in this easy to understand summary. Supports our shark sense classroom investigation.

Themed excursions

The ultimate excursion experience. Whole schools or multi-stream year groups can enjoy a full day of engaging curriculum themed activities, with extra time to explore and exclusive use of our Function Centre.

Overnight Observer


Overnight Observer is a series of sleepovers just for Year 3! Students will observe sunset, sunrise and everything that happens in between while exploring marine diversity, classification and more!

Different by Design

Pre Primary, year 1, year 2, year 3, year 4, year 5, year 6 - SPECIAL EVENT

Celebrate science week with a day of discovery and investigation.

Meet an Author

Pre Primary, year 1, year 2

This exclusive full-day experience is a literary adventure that your students will love!

Wildlife Rescue


Inspire your students to become ocean guardians with our turtle-boosted Wildlife Rescue activity, crafted for all ages and lead by our knowledgeable Education team.