Excursion Booklets

YEAR GROUPS: Kindy, Pre Primary, year 4, year 6
CURRICULUM TOPICS: Biological Sciences, STEM

Excursion Guide -  Explore and Discovery Trail

A booklet for Kindy group leaders. There are seven exhibits to find along your way with directions, three key facts to share and simple questions or challenges provided for each.

Excursion Guide -  On the Move

A booklet for Pre-Primary group leaders. There are lots of different ways of moving. As you explore AQWA today you’ll discover ten different ways that our creatures move, including four different ways of swimming!

Excursion Guide -  Where is my Home?

A booklet for Year 1 group leaders. This series of excursion sheets introduces students to five different sea creatures and their habitats. They also provide a great introduction to the variety of external features that living things have.

Themed excursions

The ultimate excursion experience. Whole schools or multi-stream year groups can enjoy a full day of engaging curriculum themed activities, with extra time to explore and exclusive use of our Function Centre.

Overnight Observer


Overnight Observer is a series of sleepovers just for Year 3! Students will observe sunset, sunrise and everything that happens in between while exploring marine diversity, classification and more!

Meet an Author

Pre Primary, year 1, year 2

This exclusive full-day experience is a literary adventure that your students will love!

Under Construction

year 5, year 6

Students embark on a quest to build an underwater city. They learn from the masters of ocean architecture (corals) then put their skills to the test in a series of design challenges.

Different by Design

Pre Primary, year 1, year 2, year 3, year 4, year 5, year 6 - SPECIAL EVENT

Celebrate science week with a day of discovery and investigation.

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Full Day Themed Excursions

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School Shark Sleepovers (All Years)

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Student Try Diving (12+ years)

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Free Incursion - Marvel Moments

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