Animal Extremes

YEAR GROUPS: Pre Primary, year 1, year 2, year 4, year 5, year 6
CURRICULUM TOPICS: Biological Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Critical and Creative Thinking, Physical Sciences, STEM, The Arts

Classroom Activity -  Wonder & Explore - Flying Fish

Discover more about flying fish then investigate balance and gravity as you create a fish that seems to defy gravity and ‘fly’ on your fingertip.

Classroom Activity -  Archerfish and the Reversing Arrow Trick

Refraction – heard of light speed? Well, water can slow it down! Discover the 'everyday magic' of water as you investigate how water changes light.

Classroom Activity -  Supersuction challenge

Inspired by an octopuses' suckers, students investigate if slime, water and tiny hairs can really give you more suction power then consider what new products this could be applied to.

Teacher Resource -  Ocean Origins

Supporting information for our 'Become an Imagineer' and 'Supersuction Challenge' classroom activities.

Lesson Plan -  Shark Senses

Students conduct a simple experiment to investigate 'Can you smell better than a shark?'

Themed excursions

The ultimate excursion experience. Whole schools or multi-stream year groups can enjoy a full day of engaging curriculum themed activities, with extra time to explore and exclusive use of our Function Centre.

Overnight Observer


Overnight Observer is a series of sleepovers just for Year 3! Students will observe sunset, sunrise and everything that happens in between while exploring marine diversity, classification and more!

Different by Design

Pre Primary, year 1, year 2, year 3, year 4, year 5, year 6 - SPECIAL EVENT

Celebrate science week with a day of discovery and investigation.

Meet an Author

Pre Primary, year 1, year 2

This exclusive full-day experience is a literary adventure that your students will love!

Wildlife Rescue


Inspire your students to become ocean guardians with our turtle-boosted Wildlife Rescue activity, crafted for all ages and lead by our knowledgeable Education team.