Donation Requests

Every year AQWA receives many requests for donations from charities, hospitals, schools, sporting clubs and community organisations.

AQWA takes pride in supporting community programs and being an active part of building a stronger community. Anything we can do to bring people closer to the wonders of the ocean is a goal that we consistently work towards.
While AQWA does not provide direct financial assistance, we will do our very best to provide admission tickets where possible.

Please note that there are specific guidelines that need to be met before you lodge your application and due to the overwhelming number of requests, there is a limit to the number of causes and tickets we can provide.
We give priority to local organisations, however we have previously assisted many organisations across the state of Western Australia.

Applications are reviewed monthly and we request that you submit your application at least 2 months prior to your event. Donation approvals by AQWA are also limited to one per year for any particular applicant.
Thank you for approaching AQWA and good luck with your application!

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