What’s on daily

Throughout the day we offer a range of experiences to help you get more out of your visit. Click a below link to view a recommended day plan.

Meet the Sharks

Meet-the-Sharks Time: 10:45am, 1.15pm, 2.45pm, 3.45pm
Type: Microphone Presentation
Where: AQWA’s Shipwreck Coast

Storytime (ages 2-5 years)

storytime Time: 11:45am
Type: Kids
Where: AQWA’s Coral Reef


Jellyfish Time: 12 noon
Type: Chat
Where: AQWA’s Perth Coast

Dangerous & Deadly

Dangerzone Time: 12:30pm, 3.30pm
Type: Tour
Where: AQWA’s DANGERzone

Adventure Bay

Stingray AQWA’s brand new exhibit and interaction zone
Time: All day

City of the Sea

Coral-reef Time: 1:30pm, 4.15pm
Type: Tour
Where: AQWA’s Coral Reef


crocs Time: 2:15pm
Type: Chat
Where: AQWA’s Far North


leafy-seadragon Time: 3:15pm
Type: Talk
Where: AQWA’s Great Southern

Discovery Pool

discovery-pool Time: All day
What: Touch Gently | Wear Goggles | Use Underwater Viewers
Where: AQWA’s Discovery Pool