Australian Sea Lion – Rare local residents

Bamboo Shark – A bottom dwelling shark that can hold its breath and ‘walk’ with its fins

Batfish– Flat, long finned tricksters

Blue Ringed Octopus – Pint sized predator with poisonous spit

Cleaner Wrasse – Hardworking slime suckers

Clown Anemonefish – Colourful characters covered in specialised slime

Cockburn Sound Anemone – Meat eating “flower” packed with stinging cells

Coral – Ocean architects able to make rock from water

Cuttlefish – Hovering master of disguise

Fiddler Ray – Guitar shaped ray that swims with a swish

Fish (general) – Water living animals featuring fins, gills and a backbone

Footballer Sweep – An Aussie fish with a ‘new’ style

Grey Nurse Shark – Sharp tooth bull with a rough start out in life

Humpback Whale – Acrobatic ocean giant

Leafy Seadragon – Rare and unique seaweed impersonator

Lionfish – Graceful swimmer whose patterns have a purpose

Long-horned Cowfish – Toxic grunting box with a distinctive swimming style

Mantis Shrimp – A prawn with a punch so powerful it can shatter glass

Moray Eel – Swift moving, double jawed predator

Octopus – Cunning escape artist with super skills

Pineapplefish – Cave dwelling fish with glow in the dark lips

Port Jackson Shark – An Aussie shark with spikes on its fins and unusual teeth

Saltwater Crocodile – Bone crushing descendants of dinosaurs

Sandbar Whaler – Fast swimming, thick skinned shark

Scorpioncod – Local ambush predator with venomous spines

Sea Snake – Ocean reptiles with a boat shaped body, fangs and a long lung

Seacucumber – Soft and stretchy sea creatures that breathes through their bottom

Seahorse – Slow swimming dancers

Slate Pencil Sea Urchin – Spiked urchin once used for writing

Starfish – Spiny skinned creatures with hundreds of feet

Stingrays (general) – Flattened sharks with a sting in their tail

Stonefish – Ambush predator with a dangerous disguise

Turtles (marine) – Toothless ocean reptiles characterised by their shells

Wobbegong– Flexible shark with a ‘shaggy beard’