Octopuses have a beak like mouth, a tongue lined with teeth and taste with their suckers!


Octopuses have three hearts and blue blood!

A smart shaped brain?

Octopuses have a hole in their brain- it’s shaped like a donut! Yet they are one of the most intelligent invertebrates. Invertebrates are a groups of animals that have no back bone- more than 95% of animal species belong to this group! Octopuses have complex problem solving skills, like the ability to open a sealed container, navigate a maze and identify patterns.

Sea creature superpowers!

Octopuses have amazing superpowers for survival! They can change the colour of their skin within seconds to communicate or camouflage; they can produce dazzling bursts of light to stun prey or preditors; and many have highly toxic spit that paralyses and even kills! Plus, they are so strong they can lift things 20 times their own weight!

Masters of escape

When a quick escape is needed, octopuses can use their jet-propulsion to gain distance from a threat. They may also shoot out an ink cloud, which reduces a predators ability to see and smell them. The ink cloud can even take the form of an octopus, causing the predator to mistake the ink as its target! With no bones in their body, octopuses can easily squeeze through tiny crevices to stalk prey or to make a stealthy getaway. If they get caught in the jaws of a predator, they have the ability to self-amputate their caught arm, then grow it back!

Mimic my moves

Octopuses can mimic the movements of other animals! They’re capable of ‘walking’ on two ‘legs’, snake-like slithering, crab walking, open-water swimming and even drifting like seaweed.


Gloomy Octopus Octopus tetricus Watch an octopus tend to its garden of rubble and shells in AQWA’s Perth Coast.