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  • User Submitted Post January 24, 2017 by John Lowe

    Yesterday Adventure Bay was very busy with a large crowd for Mermaid Monday. A young girl in a wheelchair was waiting in line to meet the mermaids. I invited her to the front of the line and took photos with their phone so her carer could be in the picture. After the show I assisted her to leave the area. They were very appreciative!

  • User Submitted Post January 12, 2017 by Jia


  • User Submitted Post October 19, 2016 by Jia

    A gentleman was looking for the way to go underground aquarium (Shipwreck Coast). He visited AQWA before and forgot the way to go there. I showed him the way and he was very pleased. He said “Thanks for your help, I am bringing my families to go there, they will love it”.

  • User Submitted Post October 3, 2016 by John Lowe

    Just received feedback from a customer who bought a large quantity of AQWA admission tickets.Rather than simply provide the same deal as last year, I included some value added bonuses for purchasing more tickets. “John, As always very appreciative of your great Customer Service.
    Kind Regards
    Pauline Goodliffe
    WA Police Social Club

  • User Submitted Post September 12, 2016 by Grace

    Both kids and adults seeem to really like then new brochure with the new numbering system on it. Today i watch a kid get really excited completing all the area of aqwa according to the new brochure from 1-6. Kudos for the design

  • User Submitted Post August 26, 2016 by Andrea

    If you see people trying to take selfies, you can offer to take photos for them, this happens every day!!

  • User Submitted Post August 18, 2016 by John Lowe

    Today I approached a mature age visitor at AQWA wearing a St George rugby league jacket and engaged him in a conversation about his team and the current season. He was visiting from Sydney and appreciated the personal conversation which made him feel welcome here in Perth. At the end of the conversation, I suggested that he visit the DangerZone next and wished him all the best. He seemed quite pleased with the friendly approach and personal attention.

  • User Submitted Post August 18, 2016 by Jia